1. Go to your "Plugins" -> "Add New" page in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Search for "E2Pdf".
  3. Click the "Install Now" button.
  4. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu.

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If you find any issues or have improvement suggestions we would really appreciate your feedback.



Release Date - 21 February 2019

  • Fixed: "Replace PDF" failed in some cases (Chrome 72.0.3626.109)
  • Fixed: "Replace PDF" css

Release Date - 18 February 2019

  • Fixed: Caldera Forms "Auto Form" empty field values
  • Fixed: Backup failed in some cases
  • Fixed: "E2Pdf" css style affected other pages
  • Added: "Auto Form" from pre-built E2Pdf Template
  • Added: "Formidable Forms" Item import options
  • Added: "Pagination" and "Screen" options for Templates list
  • Improved: Templates activation/deactivation action
  • Improved: Optimization
  • Improved: Translation

Release Date - 11 February 2019

  • Added: Possibility to disable extensions
  • Fixed: "PHP" Warning on empty "LIKE" "NOT_LIKE" condition value
  • Fixed: "Forminator" textarea field type "Auto PDF"
  • Fixed: "Visual Mapper" for "Forminator PRO" 1.6.1
  • Fixed: "Formidable Forms" Signature field (2.0.1) compatibility
  • Fixed: Image render failed in some cases
  • Fixed: "Visual Mapper" not rendered correctly for "Forminator" in some cases
  • Fixed: "Incorrect" element position with "Auto PDF" and "Free" License Type in some cases
  • Fixed: "Filename" for [e2pdf-view] shortcode
  • Fixed: "Pages" and "Elements" possible overload issue
  • Fixed: "e2pdf-signature" failed on load in some cases
  • Added: "Forminator" "Disable store submissions in my database" support
  • Added: "Caldera Forms" Connected Forms support
  • Added: "Download" and "View" links generation based on saved PDFs
  • Added: Auto Form from PDF for "Formidable Forms", "Caldera Forms", "Forminator"
  • Added: "highlight" property for e2pdf-link
  • Added: "search", "replace", "ireplace" attributes for [e2pdf-format-output] shortcode
  • Added: Changing "Page ID" for elements with "Actions" and "Conditions"
  • Improved: Translation
  • Improved: Templates list load time

Release Date - 24 December 2018

  • Fixed: "Formidable Forms" Visual Mapper error with address field in some cases
  • Fixed: Z-index issue in some cases
  • Fixed: "Mozilla Firefox" PDF re-upload new tab
  • Fixed: Incorrect page size after E2Pdf Template load in some cases
  • Fixed: "Divi" extension compatibility fix with 3.18.7
  • Fixed: "e2pdf-format-output" shortcode warning fix
  • Fixed: "e2pdf-" shortcodes incorrect render for image and signature field types
  • Fixed: PHP warnings on settings page
  • Fixed: "auto" and "inline" options failed on "false" state
  • Fixed: "frontend.js" missed for "admin" users
  • Fixed: Default value for border color
  • Fixed: "Border" on fields after editing PDF
  • Fixed: Incorrect "HTML" element text position
  • Fixed: Incorrect "HTML" size
  • Fixed: "Divi" delete item error in some cases
  • Fixed: "Actions" and "Conditions" replace shortcodes among import action
  • Fixed: "Upload PDF" item and extension not updated in some cases
  • Fixed: "Rectangle" minimum width
  • Fixed: "Visual Mapper" encoding issue in some cases
  • Fixed: "Visual Mapper" for "Formidable Forms" showed draft entry in some cases
  • Fixed: "Visual Mapper" memory leak
  • Fixed: "Visual Mapper" failed in some cases
  • Added: Additional checks for "Visual Mapper"
  • Added: Formidable Forms "Repeatable" fields support for e2pdf-" shortcodes
  • Added: Display element "Type" inside properties window
  • Improved: "Visual Mapper" checks
  • Improvement: "Image" load optimization
  • Improved: Text positions inside inputs
  • Improved: Auto PDF
  • Improved: UI
  • Improved: Translation

Release Date - 02 December 2018

  • Fixed: "Actions" not fired in some cases
  • Fixed: "Divi" duplicate replacement of value in some cases
  • Fixed: "Forminator" empty forms list while creating Template
  • Fixed: Notifications not showed in some cases
  • Fixed: Shortcode attributes not rendered correctly in some cases
  • Added: "Adobe Sign" REST API support
  • Improved: Optimization

Release Date - 26 October 2018

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
  • Added: "Forminator" support
  • Added: Extensions unlock

Release Date - 15 October 2018

  • Fixed: "Divi" item not found in some cases
  • Fixed: Typed "Signature" color fix
  • Fixed: Minor style fixes
  • Fixed: Checkbox value contains comma
  • Fixed: Signature text generation Formidable Forms
  • Fixed: Multiple repeat sections Formidable Forms
  • Fixed: Mozilla Firefox compatibility
  • Added: "Line Height" option for "textarea" field type
  • Added: "Signature" field
  • Added: "E-signature" field type
  • Added: Typed "Signature" support for all extensions
  • Added: "length" property for "input", "textarea" fields
  • Added: "comb" (Combination of Characters) property for "input", "textarea" fields
  • Added: Notification on failed PDF re-upload
  • Added: Notification on failed PDF upload
  • Added: "class" attribute for "e2pdf-download" and "e2pdf-view" shortcodes
  • Added: Privacy Policy
  • Improved: "Visual Mapper"
  • Improved: Signature quality, options
  • Improved: Update Process

Release Date - 20 August 2018

  • Initial Release