1. Go to your "Plugins" -> "Add New" page in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Search for "E2Pdf".
  3. Click the "Install Now" button.
  4. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu.

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Release Date - 04 May 2021

  • Fix: "Divi" shortcodes not rendered inside post content

Release Date - 03 May 2021

  • Add: QR Code support
  • Add: Barcode support
  • Add: Export to "JPG" format support
  • Add: "locale" attribute support for [e2pdf-format-date] shortcode
  • Add: "Merged Items" support for Formidable Forms
  • Add: "Z-index" negative position support
  • Add: "Fonts Cache" support
  • Add: Fixed height support for HTML table columns
  • Add: Rowspan support for HTML table columns
  • Add: GravityWiz Nested Forms "Auto PDF" support
  • Add: GravityWiz Nested Forms "Visual Mapper" support
  • Add: WooCommerce additional product item meta keys
  • Add: [default-message] support for Formidable Forms
  • Fix: Formidable Forms "Auto Map" duplicated brackets
  • Fix: Missing fields with same name on pre-made PDFs usage
  • Fix: Do not show "sub-forms" under items list for Formidable Forms
  • Fix: Incorrect "color" prevent PDF from generation
  • Fix: "Cache" not enabled by default
  • Fix: "Multiple Themes" compatibility fix
  • Fix: "Beaver Builder" Templates shortcodes fix
  • Improvement: "path" attribute return empty value instead empty array if not found
  • Improvement: "hr" width 100% by default
  • Improvement: pdf.js update (v2.6.347)

Release Date - 02 May 2021

  • Add: "[id]" as shortcode attribute for "WooCommerce", "WordPress"
  • Add: List of available "Image" sizes
  • Fix: Incorrect page detection in some cases
  • Fix: Forminator 1.14.11 compatibility fix
  • Fix: Minor style fixes

Release Date - 14 April 2021

  • Fix: Forminator 1.14.10 "Visual Mapper" "Auto PDF"
  • Fix: PHP8 deprecation notices

Release Date - 15 March 2021

  • Fix: PHP8 compatibility fix

Release Date - 22 February 2021

  • Add: Formidable Forms "Field Keys" support for "Auto Map"
  • Add: [e2pdf-download] shortcode support as WooCommerce attribute value
  • Fix: Relative "dir" attribute for [e2pdf-save] shortcode incorrect path in some cases
  • Fix: "Number" fields not working in some cases
  • Fix: Forminator "Auto PDF" radio fields
  • Fix: Incorrect "Order ID" for WooCommerce in some cases
  • Improvement: Forminator "Auto PDF" fields description support

Release Date - 04 February 2021

  • Add: "Visual Mapper" new shortcodes support for WooCommerce

Release Date - 02 February 2021

  • Add: Product and Order Items meta data output support for WooCommerce
  • Add: Product attributes output for WooCommerce
  • Add: Conditions to be used with attributes for WooCommerce email attachments
  • Fix: Incorrect "options" render of "lookup" and "dynamic" Formidable Form fields
  • Improvement: Better support of "lookup" and "dynamic" Formidable Form fields

Release Date - 26 January 2021

  • Add: EU API servers for PDF generation

Release Date - 20 January 2021

  • Fix: Compatiability fix with "Dynamic Conditions" for "Elementor"
  • Improvement: "Visual Mapper" for Formidable Forms

Release Date - 16 January 2021

  • Fix: Forminator do not show all forms list
  • Fix: Forminator incorrect form names in some cases

Release Date - 07 January 2021

  • Add: Dynamic dataset support for "Divi"
  • Improvement: "Add Action"/"Add Condition" actions

Release Date - 04 January 2021

  • Add: "table" float CSS support

Release Date - 22 December 2020

  • Fix: "e2pdf_model_shortcode_e2pdf_zapier_extension_options" filter
  • Fix: WooCommerce incorrect product data in some cases
  • Improvement: "Visual Mapper" for WooCommerce

Release Date - 14 December 2020

  • Add: Zapier support
  • Add: [e2pdf-zapier] shortcode
  • Add: A4 (LANDSCAPE) size preset

Release Date - 09 December 2020

  • Add: Additional filters to hook "shortcode" attributes
  • Fix: Gravity Forms "Conditional Shortcode" fix for [e2pdf-attachment] shortcode
  • Fix: Compatibility fix with "All 404 Redirect to Homepage" plugin
  • Improvement: [e2pdf-format-date] extended shortcode attributes and values

Release Date - 01 December 2020

  • Fix: Incorrectly fired "auto" download in some cases

Release Date - 26 November 2020

  • Add: "wpautop" filter to [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Fix: "Rulers Grid" not showing in some cases
  • Improvement: Do not unselect elements while "Ctrl" pressed

Release Date - 24 November 2020

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

Release Date - 21 November 2020

  • Improvement: Max font-size increased to 512

Release Date - 18 November 2020

  • Fix: PHP Fatal Error on Gravity Forms in some cases

Release Date - 13 November 2020

  • Add: Remove "unsupported" inline html tags automatically
  • Add: "data:image" image support
  • Improvement: WordPress "Visual Mapper" forced to use standard shortcodes

Release Date - 09 November 2020

  • Add: Multiple "Other" checkbox support for Formidable Forms
  • Improvement: "Other" radio option better support for Formidable Forms

Release Date - 03 November 2020

  • Add: "Tab Order" setting
  • Improvement: WordPress shortcodes render
  • Fix: PHP warning on "E2Pdf" -> "Export" in some cases
  • Fix: "Z-index" option PDF standards
  • Fix: Incorrect position of "Radio" buttons in case of "Hide" page action

Release Date - 27 October 2020

  • Add: GravityWiz Nested Forms custom E2Pdf templates

Release Date - 25 October 2020

  • Fix: Caldera Forms incorrect slugs truncate in some cases
  • Fix: Emails failed on WooCommerce in some cases

Release Date - 23 October 2020

  • Add: WooCommerce Invoice Status Options
  • Add: "html_entity_decode" filter to [e2pdf-format-output]
  • Improvement: WooCommerce support

Release Date - 14 October 2020

  • Fix: Incorrect font render in some cases
  • Fix: "0" position flush elements by default while PDF reupload

Release Date - 12 October 2020

  • Fix: Compatibility fix with "Minify HTML" plugin

Release Date - 07 October 2020

  • Fix: "Other" value for Gravity Forms Visual Mapper
  • Add: Support "Other" value for Gravity Forms "Auto PDF"

Release Date - 05 October 2020

  • Fix: jQuery compatibility fix
  • Fix: Visual mapper failed for Gravity Forms in some cases
  • Fix: Duplicated attachments for Forminator
  • Fix: Forminator Visual Mapper
  • Fix: Forminator 1.13.5 compatibility fix
  • Fix: Rendered value incorrect in some cases
  • Fix: Visual Mapper doesn't render styles on template load
  • Fix: Caldera Forms incorrect "Image" value render
  • Fix: Caldera Forms PHP warning
  • Fix: Incorrect images inside "Cart" with 3rd party WooCommerce plugins
  • Fix: Empty "attributes" not fired correctly in some cases
  • Add: WooCommerce support
  • Add: Embedded Formidable Forms for "Auto" PDF
  • Add: Global "RTL" option
  • Add: Global "Text Align" option
  • Add: Forminator built-in additional slugs render
  • Add: Forminator eSignature "Auto PDF" support
  • Add: Forminator eSignature Visual Mapper support
  • Improvement: "flatten" option enabled by default
  • Improvement: Visual Mapper for Forminator
  • Improvement: HTML/CSS render

Release Date - 24 August 2020

  • Fix: [id] shortcode fix for WordPress extension

Release Date - 12 August 2020

  • Add: "remove_tags" attribute and filter for [e2pdf-format-output] shortcode
  • Add: [post_content] "output" shortcode attribute
  • Fix: Incorrect "ireplace" function in some cases
  • Fix: Compatibility Fix WordPress 5.5
  • Fix: PDFs failed to load in some cases
  • Improvement: UI

Release Date - 27 July 2020

  • Add: [post_author] "subkey" shortcode attribute
  • Add: [e2pdf-user] extended shortcode attributes
  • Add: "user_avatar" key support for [e2pdf-user] shortcode
  • Add: "substr" filter for [e2pdf-format-output] shortcode
  • Add: "View" and "Download" action on E2Pdf -> Export
  • Fix: PHP warning on Gravity Forms in some cases
  • Fix: Incorrect order of Formidable Forms Repeater fields in some cases

Release Date - 07 July 2020

  • Fix: Gravity Forms entries limit fix
  • Fix: "headers" PHP notice

Release Date - 02 July 2020

  • Add: "responsive" attribute for [e2pdf-view]
  • Add: Custom CSS for PDF viewer
  • Add: Loading text for PDF viewer
  • Add: Additional debug information
  • Add: "offset" attribute for [e2pdf-format-date] shortcode
  • Fix: Viewer failed to load correctly in some cases
  • Fix: Divi Contact Forms undefined variable notice
  • Fix: Divi Contact Forms shortcodes do not fire with spam protection on
  • Fix: Incorrect output of meta key if value is set to 0

Release Date - 09 June 2020

  • Add: Auto restore License Key process
  • Add: "create_dir", "create_index", "create_htaccess" attributes for [e2pdf-save] shortcode
  • Fix: "e2pdf-view" shortcode for non ajax submissions Caldera Forms
  • Fix: "dir" attribute not rendered dynamic values in some cases
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

Release Date - 28 May 2020

  • Add: Formidable Forms "Sections" for Auto PDF
  • Add: "e2pdf_model_e2pdf_shortcode_attachment_path" filter
  • Add: "e2pdf_model_e2pdf_shortcode_save_path" filter
  • Add: "e2pdf_controller_frontend_e2pdf_download" action
  • Add: "e2pdf_controller_frontend_e2pdf_download_response" action
  • Add: "target" attribute for "e2pdf-download"
  • Fix: Gravity Forms "Visual Mapper" fails in some cases
  • Fix: Download "file name" incorrect for Microsoft Edge, Safari
  • Fix: "inline" attribute ignored in some cases
  • Fix: "W3 Total Cache" compatibility fix

Release Date - 14 May 2020

  • Add: Text Rotation option
  • Add: Vertical align for "HTML" Object
  • Add: CSS margin support for p tags
  • Add: "site_url" for "e2pdf-view" shortcode
  • Add: "e2pdf_extension_render_shortcodes_pre_do_shortcode" filter
  • Add: "e2pdf_extension_render_shortcodes_after_do_shortcode" filter
  • Add: "e2pdf_model_shortcode_site_url" filter
  • Add: "e2pdf_model_shortcode_e2pdf_download_site_url" filter
  • Add: "e2pdf_model_shortcode_e2pdf_view_site_url" filter
  • Fix: Incorrect element position after element resize in some cases
  • Improvement: Visual Mapper for Formidable Forms
  • Improvement: Properties settings

Release Date - 01 May 2020

  • Add: "e2pdf_controller_templates_max_font_size" filter
  • Add: "e2pdf_controller_templates_max_line_height" filter
  • Add: "Release Candidate" update option
  • Add: "Only Image" for Image/Signature object
  • Add: Value "pre-render" filter
  • Add: Extended [meta] shortcode for WordPress
  • Add: "Caldera Forms" Auto Responder support
  • Add: "Preg Match All" filter
  • Add: Maintenance Section
  • Fix: Divi Contact Forms shortcodes not rendered in some cases
  • Fix: "attachment_url" and "attachment_image_url" meta key attributes not fired in some cases
  • Fix: Minor style fixes
  • Fix: Caldera Forms multipage
  • Fix: "Elementor" shortcode widget failed to render
  • Fix: Fonts conflict in some cases
  • Fix: Divi Contact Forms 4.3.3 Visual Mapper
  • Fix: Incorrect "compression" setting in some cases
  • Fix: PDF can't be parsed in some cases
  • Fix: Firefox mass elements select
  • Fix: HTML images not rendered in some cases
  • Fix: Shortcode wrappers incorrectly fired on checkbox value
  • Fix: Caldera Forms checkbox not rendered in some cases
  • Fix: DB columns missed after update in some cases
  • Improvement: WordPress Extension
  • Improvement: HTML Support
  • Improvement: Better image detection
  • Improvement: Visual Builder
  • Improvement: Image render

Release Date - 15 January 2020

  • Add: "Letter Spacing" setting
  • Add: "Merge" option for "Actions" and "Conditions"
  • Add: Custom "CSS" Html Object support
  • Add: Url Generation Link Format option
  • Add: .otf fonts support
  • Add: "E2Pdf Connected Account" setting
  • Add: Templates Bulk Actions: "Activation" and "Deactivation"
  • Add: "Global Actions"
  • Add: "single_page_mode", "hide", "background", "border" attributes for [e2pdf-view]
  • Add: %%_wp_http_referer%%, %%e2pdf_entry_id%% shortcodes support for "Divi"
  • Add: Database Debug information
  • Add: id="current" for [e2pdf-user] shortcode
  • Add: "responsive", "viewer" attributes for [e2pdf-view]
  • Add: Support of shortcodes which contains [id] for "Formidable Forms"
  • Add: Option to disable WYSIWYG Editor for HTML Object
  • Add: Option to disable Local Images Load
  • Add: Option to change Images Load Timeout
  • Add: "justify" option for HTML Object
  • Add: Caldera Forms Conditional Fields support
  • Add: "Visual Mapper" show hidden fields option
  • Add: Template Revisions
  • Fix: Caldera Forms minor bug-fixes
  • Fix: Caldera Forms Connected Forms 1.2.2 compatibility
  • Fix: Missed font characters in some cases
  • Fix: Missed signature images on view action
  • Fix: Incorrect fields render for "Actions" and "Conditions"
  • Fix: "New Lines to BR" filter not fired on view/preview action
  • Fix: "UC Browser" compatibility
  • Fix: "Debug" page doesn't appear on "Turn on Debug mode" setting
  • Fix: [frm-math] shortcode for "Formidable Forms" usage inside Template directly
  • Fix: WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder Compatibility
  • Fix: RTL Support
  • Fix: Hidden pages missed on "Preview" and "View" Template action
  • Fix: "Divi Contact Forms" auto download
  • Fix: WordPress 5.3 Styles
  • Fix: Missed fields for "Gravity Forms" inside "Visual Mapper"
  • Fix: "Hide" action for pages fired incorrectly in some cases
  • Fix: Incorrect render of values in some cases
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" fails for "Caldera Forms" in some cases
  • Fix: UI minor bug fixes
  • Fix: Compatibility with Divi 3.27
  • Fix: Incorrect render of values in some cases
  • Fix: Fields data were not saving in some cases
  • Improvement: Previous versions compatibility
  • Improvement: Extended "Debug" information
  • Improvement: pdf.js update (v2.3.200)
  • Improvement: Templates load
  • Improvement: Translation
  • Improvement: Errors and Message Notifications
  • Improvement: Optimization

Release Date - 07 August 2019

  • Add: "Nl2br" option for "e2pdf-html"
  • Add: Unlink paid License Key option
  • Add: "attachment_image_url" attribute for [e2pdf-meta] shortcode support
  • Add: "Events Manager" render shortcodes support
  • Add: "Divi Builder" support
  • Add: Extended 3rd party plugins support for WordPress extension
  • Add: "Visual Mapper" meta keys support for WordPress extension
  • Add: "nl2br" filter for [e2pdf-format-output] shortcode
  • Add: Permission settings
  • Add: Dynamic shortcode support for "WordPress" extension inside Widgets
  • Add: "Hide (If Empty)" and "Hide Page (if Empty)" properties for HTML object
  • Add: "Preg Replace" option for fields and objects
  • Add: "Replace Value" and "Auto-Close" options for "Visual Mapper"
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" styles for Forminator
  • Fix: Conflict with Elementor
  • Fix: Conflict with SiteOrigin
  • Fix: "Caldera Forms" incorrect support for checkbox with "Show Values" option
  • Fix: "preg_replace" error
  • Improvement: "Auto PDF"
  • Improvement: UI
  • Improvement: Optimization

Release Date - 24 June 2019

  • Add: Serialized post meta fields support
  • Add: "attachment_url", "path" attributes for WordPress [meta key="x"] shortcode
  • Add: Post terms support
  • Add: [terms key="x"] shortcode for WordPress posts/pages support
  • Add: "pdf" attribute for [e2pdf-download] shortcode
  • Add: "Popup Maker" support
  • Add: "overwrite" attribute for [e2pdf-save] shortcode
  • Add: "Entries" cache support
  • Add: Cache support
  • Add: "Auto Form" Gravity Forms support
  • Add: "Close" button while creating new template
  • Add: Gravity Forms support
  • Add: "attachment" attribute for [e2pdf-save] shortcode
  • Add: [e2pdf-arg] shortcode suppport
  • Add: [post_thumbnail] shortcode for WordPress extension
  • Fix: "Gravity Forms" does not render values inside mail notification in some cases
  • Fix: Missing "Actions" and "Conditions" for pages while re-upload PDF
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" fails for "Caldera Forms" in some cases
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" not rendered correctly for "Gravity Forms" in some cases
  • Fix: "Auto Form" Caldera Forms dropdown
  • Fix: PHP warnings on signature field in some cases
  • Fix: "Auto PDF" radio group names
  • Fix: Some shortcodes not fired correctly
  • Fix: Backward compatibility with WordPress 4.0
  • Fix: "Auto PDF" option visible on extension change
  • Fix: New pages do not respect global E2Pdf Template size option
  • Fix: Incorrect file name while download in some cases
  • Improvement: Better support for 3rd party WordPress plugins
  • Improvement: Optimization
  • Improvement: UI
  • Improvement: Translation
  • Improvement: Filters

Release Date - 10 April 2019

  • Add: Custom post types support
  • Add: [e2pdf-user] shortcode support
  • Add: [e2pdf-wp] shortcode support
  • Add: [e2pdf-content] shortcode support
  • Add: Custom field names
  • Add: "Auto Form from PDF" additional options
  • Add: "Meta" Title, Subject, Author and Keywords PDF options
  • Add: "e2pdf_extension_render_shortcodes_tags" filter
  • Add: [e2pdf-view] shortcode additional attributes: page, zoom, nameddest, pagemode
  • Fix: "Error" show if failed while creating "Template"
  • Fix: WordPress Pages/Posts not showing all items
  • Fix: Notice on "e2pdf-image" and "e2pdf-signature" render
  • Fix: [e2pdf-exclude] not process shortcodes inside
  • Fix: [e2pdf-download] incorrect button title in some cases
  • Fix: "Attachments" missing in some cases due incorrect "PDF Name"
  • Fix: "Auto Form from PDF" pre-built template radio/checkbox empty
  • Fix: "Import" item replace shortcodes inside "Email" body and "Success Messages"
  • Improvement: WordPress extension
  • Improvement: pdf.js update (v2.0.943)
  • Improvement: "Deactivate" template while moving to "Trash"
  • Improvement: Translation

Release Date - 23 February 2019

  • Add: "Auto Form" from pre-built E2Pdf Template
  • Add: "Formidable Forms" Item import options
  • Add: "Pagination" and "Screen" options for Templates list
  • Fix: "Forminator" incorrect field IDs while "Auto Form"
  • Fix: "Replace PDF" failed in some cases (Chrome 72.0.3626.109)
  • Fix: "Replace PDF" css
  • Fix: Caldera Forms "Auto Form" empty field values
  • Fix: Backup failed in some cases
  • Fix: "E2Pdf" css style affected other pages
  • Improvement: Templates activation/deactivation action
  • Improvement: Optimization
  • Improvement: Translation

Release Date - 11 February 2019

  • Add: Possibility to disable extensions
  • Add: "Forminator" "Disable store submissions in my database" support
  • Add: "Caldera Forms" Connected Forms support
  • Add: "Download" and "View" links generation based on saved PDFs
  • Add: Auto Form from PDF for "Formidable Forms", "Caldera Forms", "Forminator"
  • Add: "highlight" property for e2pdf-link
  • Add: "search", "replace", "ireplace" attributes for [e2pdf-format-output] shortcode
  • Add: Changing "Page ID" for elements with "Actions" and "Conditions"
  • Fix: "PHP" Warning on empty "LIKE" "NOT_LIKE" condition value
  • Fix: "Forminator" textarea field type "Auto PDF"
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" for "Forminator PRO" 1.6.1
  • Fix: "Formidable Forms" Signature field (2.0.1) compatibility
  • Fix: Image render failed in some cases
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" not rendered correctly for "Forminator" in some cases
  • Fix: "Incorrect" element position with "Auto PDF" and "Free" License Type in some cases
  • Fix: "Filename" for [e2pdf-view] shortcode
  • Fix: "Pages" and "Elements" possible overload issue
  • Fix: "e2pdf-signature" failed on load in some cases
  • Improvement: Translation
  • Improvement: Templates list load time

Release Date - 24 December 2018

  • Add: Additional checks for "Visual Mapper"
  • Add: Formidable Forms "Repeatable" fields support for e2pdf-" shortcodes
  • Add: Display element "Type" inside properties window
  • Fix: "Formidable Forms" Visual Mapper error with address field in some cases
  • Fix: Z-index issue in some cases
  • Fix: "Mozilla Firefox" PDF re-upload new tab
  • Fix: Incorrect page size after E2Pdf Template load in some cases
  • Fix: "Divi" extension compatibility fix with 3.18.7
  • Fix: "e2pdf-format-output" shortcode warning fix
  • Fix: "e2pdf-" shortcodes incorrect render for image and signature field types
  • Fix: PHP warnings on settings page
  • Fix: "auto" and "inline" options failed on "false" state
  • Fix: "frontend.js" missed for "admin" users
  • Fix: Default value for border color
  • Fix: "Border" on fields after editing PDF
  • Fix: Incorrect "HTML" element text position
  • Fix: Incorrect "HTML" size
  • Fix: "Divi" delete item error in some cases
  • Fix: "Actions" and "Conditions" replace shortcodes among import action
  • Fix: "Upload PDF" item and extension not updated in some cases
  • Fix: "Rectangle" minimum width
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" encoding issue in some cases
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" for "Formidable Forms" showed draft entry in some cases
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" memory leak
  • Fix: "Visual Mapper" failed in some cases
  • Improvement: "Visual Mapper" checks
  • Improvement: "Image" load optimization
  • Improvement: Text positions inside inputs
  • Improvement: Auto PDF
  • Improvement: UI
  • Improvement: Translation

Release Date - 02 December 2018

  • Add: "Adobe Sign" REST API support
  • Fix: "Actions" not fired in some cases
  • Fix: "Divi" duplicate replacement of value in some cases
  • Fix: "Forminator" empty forms list while creating Template
  • Fix: Notifications not showed in some cases
  • Fix: Shortcode attributes not rendered correctly in some cases
  • Improvement: Optimization

Release Date - 26 October 2018

  • Add: "Forminator" support
  • Add: Extensions unlock
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

Release Date - 15 October 2018

  • Add: "Line Height" option for "textarea" field type
  • Add: "Signature" field
  • Add: "E-signature" field type
  • Add: Typed "Signature" support for all extensions
  • Add: "length" property for "input", "textarea" fields
  • Add: "comb" (Combination of Characters) property for "input", "textarea" fields
  • Add: Notification on failed PDF re-upload
  • Add: Notification on failed PDF upload
  • Add: "class" attribute for "e2pdf-download" and "e2pdf-view" shortcodes
  • Add: Privacy Policy
  • Fix: "Divi" item not found in some cases
  • Fix: Typed "Signature" color fix
  • Fix: Minor style fixes
  • Fix: Checkbox value contains comma
  • Fix: Signature text generation Formidable Forms
  • Fix: Multiple repeat sections Formidable Forms
  • Fix: Mozilla Firefox compatibility
  • Improvement: "Visual Mapper"
  • Improvement: Signature quality, options
  • Improvement: Update Process

Release Date - 20 August 2018

  • Initial Release