Attaching PDFs in emails with formidable forms

10 April, 2021 01:43:35
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As far as I know, in order to attach files with formidable forms in your automated emails, you need to buy the pro version.
My question is:
1)-In a different support ticket, you told me that, in order to attach the dynamically generated PDF to automated emails, I had to paste the shortcode of that PDF in the body of the email, for instance, "[e2pdf-attachment id="1"] ".
So my question is, if using formidable forms, could I just paste that shortcode and the PDF would get sent (without having to upgrade to the pro version of Formidable Forms, just with the free version of Formidable forms)?
Do you know if that's possible?. What I want is not to upgrade to the pro version of formidable forms, I want to avoid that for now.

Also, one last question
2)-Can I generate 2 PDFs from just 1 form submission?. I would need to create 2 PDFs from one form, instead of 1.

Thank you very much !
10 April, 2021 01:49:45
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1) Yes, it will work with lite version of Formidable Forms. You can test it just with "FREE" version of E2Pdf and "FREE" version of Formidable Forms.

2) Yes, you can attach multiple PDFs by inserting multiple shortcodes inside mail body. E2Pdf Templates must be connected to same form:

[e2pdf-attachment id="1"]
[e2pdf-attachment id="2"]

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10 April, 2021 01:55:26
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Thank you very much
Amazing customer support
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