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5 November, 2020 16:34:04
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I would like to use an IFTTT webhook to upload PDFs directly to dropbox. To do this, the webhook must have access to the generated file. Is it possible to give permission to visitors without a role? For the moment, the permissions only concern users logged in with a role.
5 November, 2020 22:30:33
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Unfortunately we didn't use yet IFTTT and E2Pdf wasn't tested with it so we need to review this service to be able to help you and understand if it's compatible with it. Give us please some time for review.

However, did you setup permission to access PDF with E2Pdf inside E2Pdf Template? Or restricted access to submissions for non logged-in users?

P.S. It's actually possible to save PDFs to server on form submission and get its path however we are not sure if it's compatible with IFTTT as it seems working with requests directly.

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