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18 December, 2020 05:26:42
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Is there a way that after each form is submitted and the PDF is generated that the PDFs can be held for a approval then released/sent in bulk?

For example we have classes and attendees get certificates upon completion of the class.
However they sign into the class at the beginning. We would like the ability for those to who sign in that the system goes ahead and generates the PDF based on the sign in but allows us to go into the system and send in bulk all the certificates for that class once the class is over.
18 December, 2020 06:25:59
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It looks like the question is more to forms functionality and not E2Pdf as E2Pdf can just generate PDFs according to submitted entries. Sending emails is controlled by form plugins that is used along with E2Pdf. Also E2Pdf doesn't save PDFs by default, it uses realtime data upon PDF generation/PDF attachment.

It can be solution with Formidable Forms:

Formidable Forms has possibility to fire action based on some conditions, so in theory you can try to create field available only to "Administrators" which will indicate if course ended and by detecting this "value" fire an email action after entry update. Example screenshot 1 attached. It will fire email action with E2Pdf shortcodes if entry "updated" and "Course Ended" field value equals to "Yes".

However Formidable Forms doesn't have "Bulk" edit and "Bulk" trigger actions functionality by default so it could be need to prepare custom solution in PHP to get entries, iterate over them, change "hidden" value and trigger Formidable Forms email action via PHP after entries update, or use some Formidable Forms addons which can fit your needs.

Another solution also can be to use Formidable Forms views and generate link directly on page: https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/create-a-view/ with E2Pdf shortcode inside:

[e2pdf-download id="1" dataset="[id]"]

However it will be need to setup correctly the "View" to connect it to user and use Formidable Forms "if" conditions on field which will indicate if course ended.

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