Can PDFs be created from a view?

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8 January, 2020 18:23:18
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Hi Guys, been using formidable2PDF for a long time. I was not able to get it to work for a specific scenario on one of my sites - the forms was multi-part and just too large among other things. As a workaround, I was using the DK PDF plugin, but it appears the developer of that plugin dropped off the planet sometime in the last couple of months. The documentation is not even available anymore. :( I'm now looking for something similar but unsure of e2PDF has a similar feature. I've got a page that is a collection of multiple views that I would like to output to PDF. In this case, it's best if the PDF is generated on the server instead of filling an acrobat/fillable PDF that's been pre-made. DKPDF does exactly this, but since it's no longer supported I'm on the hunt for a replacement.

Is it at all possible to create a template from or generate a PDF with the content from a page displaying formidable views? If not...any plans for something like this? the DK PDF Code would be a perfect start ;) Generating the PDF form a view in my case will make it so that I don't need to create multiple maps/templates like I do with Formidable2PDF.

Thank you!
9 January, 2020 02:52:12
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It's possible to use [display-frm-data id=681 filter=limited] construction inside E2Pdf Template, for example with "HTML" object, but unfortunately E2Pdf doesn't yet support all "html" tags and styles, so it can be issues with displaying if you have complex html. We are continuously extending it's support but it's far a way from perfect solution yet.

To bypass dynamic entry_id to view, it can be used such shortcode:
[display-frm-data id=681 entry_id="[id]" filter=limited]

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