Can't flatten PDF attachments

8 February, 2019 10:59:10
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Everything is working great except that I can't seem to flatten the PDF files. I'm linking to Formidable form fields by using the PDF Builder in E2PDF. I set "Flatten" to "Yes" under the PDF settings section. However, formidable sends email notifications and I get the PDF attachment, I can still type in the input fields and change/delete the data. Is there something else that I might be missing?

As a side questions, what's the difference between "Yes" and "Full" under the flatten settings?

Thank you!
8 February, 2019 11:35:00
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Looks like I got it working. I deleted the old Pro2PDF plugin so now I only have the new E2Pdf plugin and I redid the templates. It all seems to be working now.
8 February, 2019 12:18:30
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Thanks for letting us known anout possible issue. We will check if there is any conflict that can cause such error.

Regarding "Yes" and "Full" flatten. With "Full" flatten PDF content is converted into images, and none of "text" can be searched and coopied. With "Yes" - it's default behaviour when PDF is not editable but "text" is readable.

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