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30 May, 2019 06:30:03
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I'm trying before buying your E2pdf, and I love it, mapping makes it easy, although my form and PDF is complex, and your (move) icon is on the way, overlapping my other fields, but other than that, I have few questions/suggestions:
- would love to have checkbox option (default to cross), I have over 70 fields, and it is a pain to change them all to cross manually
- I made my fields in indesign, without borders, but by default you put border? Why, same thing as crosses, I had to remove border on all fields manually :(, would love default option to none

Now most important question, how to change display of cross? It is to thick and I would like to use normal X letter from font, or font awesome X, or anything else than your default cross.

Thank you very much,
30 May, 2019 07:33:30
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Regarding move icon, you can "hide" icons or "hide" elements inside E2Pdf Template for more comfortable work via "Toolbox". Screenshot attached. To hide element: "Right Mouse" -> "Hide".

- There is no currently global option to set this, but we will review request to add it. We have in our "Roadmap" mass actions functionality which must make it easier to update big number of fields but it will not be released in nearest time.

- When you are using "pre-uploaded" pdf, our plugin is replacing fields with own and trying to save all properties of fields that used inside. In some cases some properties can't be detected ("cross" option) or it can be mistake in detection (borders with checkbox) as different PDF editors can use different ways and our engine just can't detect it. We will check detection of borders with PDFs that were created with Indesign.

Our engine currently support only the styles that is available under "checkbox" style option and unfortunately it can't be changed at this moment.

We remain at your service.
We would really appreciate your feedback at!
30 May, 2019 16:17:56
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Thank you for your message. Will try it.