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1 December, 2019 06:57:36
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I'm using Formidable Forms with repeatable fields, and I would like to be able to display all the results for a field if they exist. However, the size of the layout on the page is fixed. Is there any way to resize a page or font size until all the data fits in one box?
1 December, 2019 07:48:04
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There are couple of possible ways to accomplish task:

1. You can adjust page and field sizes by using "Actions" and "Conditions", but it will work only if you created E2Pdf Template from scratch (not pre-uploaded PDF) and the height size is approximately known of each newly added repeatable entry.

Example to use inside "":
For Field: if [222:1] != '' -> "Change" -> "Size Height" +100 (Screenshot 1)
For Page: if [222:1] != '' -> "Change" -> "Size Height" -> +100 (Screenshot 2)

* where 222 is the ID of Field, 1 is the number of repeatable entry. For second entry it will be [222:2], and so on. Formidable Forms [foreach][/foreach] shortcode still can be applied as "Value".

2. You can put data to E2Pdf "Textarea" and set "Font" size to "Auto" (Screenshot 3). It will try to adjust font size automatically to fit data to "textarea".

3. Another possible solution can be to use "HTML" object with "Splitting Content" over pages features but it has limited support for using with "Actions" and "Conditions" to show/hide. We hope to upgrade this feature in future. Example:

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