Changing Tab Order

20 December, 2018 13:53:46
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I don't see a way to do this now so I will enter this as a feature request. It'd be nice to have a way to customize the tab order of the template. When I made a couple of my templates, I didn't take into consideration that my tab order would be based on the order in which I added each field to my template, so I didn't give that any thought when creating it. It would be quite the task to go back now and re-create the template with adding each field in the order I want the tabs to work, as I have hundreds of fields on the template.

So, if there were either a Tab Order option in the field's Properties and/or something like another tab in the PDF Builder section called Fields that would then list all the fields and I could drag and drop them in the list to reposition them for the tab order I wanted to end up with that would be great. Definitely not something I can't live without in the meantime or anything, just a thought for improvements down the road! Thanks!
21 December, 2018 03:26:49
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We added feature request to our roadmap. Thank you.

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