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13 May, 2021 16:05:21
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Before I purchase I want to know the right version. I need to combine multiple formidible forms onto one template. Ideally 20-25 forms each with 5 fields will go into one multi-page template. But I just want to make sure that's possible, and its something that can be done using a single template, or will I need a template file for each form (which will be a deal breaker I'm afraid).
13 May, 2021 21:17:58
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Unfortunately E2Pdf will not work for this. E2Pdf supports maximum 2 forms to 1 PDF merge with Formidable Forms at this moment.

P.S. E2Pdf "Paid" version has same functionality as "Free" version (difference is just in limitation: 1 Page per Template and only 1 Template can be activated).

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