Cyber Monday Promotion

20 November, 2019 04:44:14
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I got an email that says "Use the coupon code below for 50% OFF Lifetime Licenses and Lifetime Upgrades from now through Cyber Monday with the following: COUPON CODE: CyberMonday".

When I click the link it takes me to a pricing page with 6 options, and all of them are a "per site / per year" plan (I'm currently on the 10 templates / year plan). The email leads me to believe there is a lifetime license / upgrade plan that should be available, but none are on the page. How do I take take advantage of the coupon and get a lifetime license / upgrade?
20 November, 2019 05:10:35
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Sorry, for misunderstanding. We are now working on updating user dashboard. Currently it's available at "Renew" page, not "Upgrade". You can choose "Lifetime" from "Period" dropdown.

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20 November, 2019 05:14:14
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Found it, thanks!