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29 November, 2022 18:55:28
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I've mapped a field {upload-1} for multiple file uploads which outputs in the PDF as text (not urls') - one long line with comma's separating the file locations running outside the container.

When using the same field-id in forminator notifications, it renders as a list of (shortened) URL's. Is it possible to replicate this in the PDF? If not, is there a better way of including either linkbacks or the images themselves on the pdf?

Thanks in advance!
30 November, 2022 02:22:46
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You can update the plugin to the latest RC version by following the steps in a current topic: https://e2pdf.com/support/desk/how-to-update-plugin-to-rc-release-candidate-version-from-e2pdf-com.

After the update, you must be able to use {upload-1:html} inside the "HTML" object to output the same way as in the "Notification". Keep in mind please that by default it outputs files with a "<br/>" separator, so, in case you need to output it via "comma", you will need to use the following construction:

[e2pdf-format-output search="<br/>" replace=", "]{upload-1:html}[/e2pdf-format-output]

* "Disable WYSIWYG Editor" option must be checked. Screenshot attached.

Or as an alternative (supported in "Stable" and "RC" versions), you can display "images" via "Image" objects by mapping separate images as:

1st image: [e2pdf-format-output explode=", " output="{0}"]{upload-1}[/e2pdf-format-output]

2nd image: [e2pdf-format-output explode=", " output="{1}"]{upload-1}[/e2pdf-format-output]

3rd image: [e2pdf-format-output explode=", " output="{2}"]{upload-1}[/e2pdf-format-output]

and so on...

Let us know please if it will be any issues.

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30 November, 2022 03:32:55
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That's perfect - thank you so much for the fast solution, much appreciated!