Do you expect to stop the service there soon?

5 March, 2020 22:26:42
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Hi. I tried your demo. I am really satisfied with it and willing to buy it. But I want to know this. Do you expect to stop the service there soon? because I want to be a long term user and I just want you to continue providing the service as long as we use your plugin. We have a crewing company and our website has huge job application forms with lots of fields in those forms. A few months ago, we used a good plugin to generate pdf's from forms submissions and now, their service is dead. So we faced a lot of problems regarding the plugin. So finally it made us close all online applications and we lost a part of our service. So I don't want to face such problems anymore. So I want to get your service for a long period.

Thank you!
5 March, 2020 23:28:38
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E2Pdf is currently under active development process with adding new features and we do not expect to close it. If it will be even any reason to stop active development it will be still getting bug-fixes and will be supported to work, as our previous old plugin "FPRO2PDF" which was designed and developed 7 years ago.

We remain at your service.
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