Duplicate Template -- using different form data?

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3 December, 2020 14:23:47
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Hi there --

I've been using E2PDF successfully with Gravity Forms -- to present data on a pre-made form our organization already has in place. More recently I've been using the "Actions" for whole pages to select output based on selections within the form -- and we're getting to a point where we're trying to process our output in Spanish or English -- depending on our customers' selections.

We're starting to look at parallel processes for our forms -- one in English and one in Spanish (rather than letting Google Translate convert the English on the spot). So -- it would be a duplicate form with the same fields -- just in Spanish. I'd like to duplicate an E2PDF template - but use the duplicate form as my source rather than my original form.

Is this possible to do without starting from scratch and re-mapping all of the fields?

4 December, 2020 02:02:30
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Unfortunately such feature not available, I'm aware that only one way is to remap fields to new form. We will review the possibility to add this feature in future.

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