[e2pdf-wp key="post_content"]

10 June, 2021 05:05:33
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Hi there,

We have came up with the issue of getting the wrong content for the property if the shortcode for the PDF download has been placed on the property page.
It gets the current content if the PDF has been downloaded or viewed via the plugin directory on wp-admin side though.

Any ideas why?
Thank you.
10 June, 2021 05:10:30
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If you are using some "Visual Builders" it could be that some data is different on "backend" and "frontend" due differently added filters.

Can you try please to modify shortcode to:

[e2pdf-wp key="post_content" output="backend"]


[e2pdf-wp key="post_content" output="frontend"]

to see if it will fix the issue. If not, can you attach please some screenshots which data do you see on frontend/backend? and maybe some more information like which "Visual Builder" do you use?

We remain at your service.

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10 June, 2021 05:12:36
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yes, output="frontend" does the magic!
Thanks a lot :)