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20 December, 2022 09:37:30
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When I set up a new template I usually select auto pdf option.
I find the document maps well but each document section flows one after the other and I would prefer to have each section on a fresh page.
Doing that manually is very time-consuming so I wondered if there is an option to help make this easier?


20 December, 2022 10:44:45
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Unfortunately, E2Pdf currently doesn't have any "Auto PDF" options to accomplish the described task. We are working on adding some customizable features for it and will review your request to be added.

At this moment, to make it easier, you can just create a "New Page", select multiple elements, "Copy" -> "Paste" / "Paste In Place" to the new page, move elements on it, and add other elements if required. After this just move the page to the needed place, and remove the old page.

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