Embedded Formidabel View not passing variable

10 March, 2023 11:31:03
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I'm trying to get information in my PDF from a linked view like this

[display-frm-data id=6557 ackey=[211]] field [211] is a field that stores a value that matched a field entry value in another form. It works perfectly find in WordPress but when generating a PDF it says No Entries Found.

However, if I hard code it like this it works. kggi2 is the value that is in [211] for this particular entry.
[display-frm-data id=6557 ackey=kggi2]

Of course I can't hard code the value from 211 since it changes but I thought sharing this with you might help you to know what I can do to get it working. Thank you.
10 March, 2023 23:49:33
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Please update the plugin to the latest 1.19.x RC version by following the steps in a current topic: https://e2pdf.com/support/desk/how-to-update-plugin-to-rc-release-candidate-version-from-e2pdf-com

After the update, it must work as expected.

Let us know please if it will be any issues.

We remain at your service.
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11 March, 2023 05:00:21
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Yes updating fixed the problem. Thank you.