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29 September, 2020 13:07:05
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I have a pretty long form I splitted in many Embedded forms. Is there a way to use e2pdf AutoPDF feature in this case?

When I do it with my main form (the one that contains all the embedded ones) I got only the date field.


(BTW I just discovered e2pdf and must admit it awesome! :o)
30 September, 2020 00:45:48
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Hi, thank you.

We just released an update to Release Candidate build (1.12.15) which has support of Embedded Forms for "Auto PDF". It will be included to main brunch on next week.

However you can apply update now by setting "E2Pdf" -> "Settings" -> "Release Candidate Builds" (Update from E2Pdf.com) (screenshot attached). Check for plugin updates, and update plugin to 1.12.15. It's recommended to turn off this option after update

Please, let us know if it will be any issues after update. Thank you.

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30 September, 2020 03:28:03
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Thx for your quick reply.

I found another way to use many forms in the same template.

I just need to change the form in the options and click autopdf for each for I want to include.

BTW, I will try the way you said.

Have a nice day