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7 June, 2019 09:31:28
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By the way this plugin works, I can see that the pdf can only be generated for emails, success massages, and post/page.

How about if we would like to print the pdf via Formidable's Entry page as seen on screenshot?

It looks like if we print it from the Formidable admin panel, it's generating a very basic pdf layout and it's not displaying the template from E2pdf.

Is there a way we could view and print the pdf template directly from the Formidable Entry page instead of downloading it or attaching it from the email as the forms will contain some very confidential info that can't be sent via email?

Many thanks in advance!
7 June, 2019 09:45:16
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We will review the possibility to add "Export To Pdf" option to entry view page.

At this moment you can export entries from admin panel via "E2Pdf" -> "Export". Choose needed "E2Pdf" Template from dropdown, choose entry and click "Export". It will generate PDF depending on Template.

We remain at your service.
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7 June, 2019 09:56:23
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Thank you very much!

I think this solution could work for us! :)