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6 October, 2019 02:20:43
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I'm trying to integrate with Formidable Forms. I've purchased a license, and now I'm trying to get the email attachment process to work. I've got the following shortcode in place: [e2pdf-attachment id="9" dataset="[id]" flatten="1" name="IAPHS Purchase Receipt.pdf"], and I'm getting the emails from formidable but *without* any attachments.

In that same email, I'm trying to generate a link to download my invoice, but that isn't working either (via [e2pdf-download output="url" id="9" dataset="[id]"] )

Can you help my to determine what is wrong?
6 October, 2019 03:28:08
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1. Recheck that your are using correct E2Pdf Template ID, which is connected to correct Formidable Form, and it's activated. The shortcode must be placed inside Email body of needed Formidable Form.

2. You do not need to define dataset="[id]" and some other attributes, if it used in Formidable Forms Email action, so the corrected shortcodes must look like (id="9" is E2Pdf Template ID):

[e2pdf-attachment id="9" flatten="1" name="IAPHS Purchase Receipt"]

[e2pdf-download id="9"]

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