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27 September, 2019 16:06:37
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I'm trying out your plugin for a multi-site project. I'm running into an issue though, I'm using Formidable forms along with their AIM add-on for payment capture. The issue I am running into though, is that when I use the shortcode to get the receipt id, it doesn't work. It works fine on other places like a page for example however. On formidable's site the shortcode example is: [frm-receipt-id entry="[id]"]. When I run this though all that is placed in the form is "].

What is wrong?

Also, do you offer multi-site licenses?
27 September, 2019 21:58:24
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Unfortunately such shortcode structure is not yet supported by E2Pdf. We are checking now the possibility to extend it and will update this thread as soon as will have any news.

Meanwhile you can create custom hook with updating some hidden field of entry with receipt id after payment and use "Field ID" shortcode inside PDF.

Regarding multi-site licenses, yes, you can choose for how much sites License Key will be issued.

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