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16 September, 2020 07:38:40
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When creating an auto PDF from a Forminator form the signature field is not shown. When I upload a PDF and map the fields using e2pdf the signature field is not selectable. How can the Forminator signature be added to the pdf using e2pdf?
16 September, 2020 07:55:59
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Fix currently available under Release Candidate Build (1.12.06). It will be included soon in main brunch. You can also apply update now by turning on updates from "". Option can be enabled at "E2Pdf" -> "Settings" -> "Release Candidate Builds" (screenshot attached).

After enabling this option you must be able check for updates at "Dashboard" -> "Updates" and update plugin as usual. Plugin must be updated to 1.12.06 version. It's recommended to turn off this option after update.

However you must be able to apply signature with latest version from WordPress. You can create manually "Signature" field via "Drag&Drop" interface inside E2Pdf Builder and set value manually via "Right Mouse Click" -> "Properties" -> "Value" with slug {signature-1} or other depending as it's showing inside Forminator Form.

Let us know please if you will face any issues after update. Thank you.
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