Forminator {submission_id} not working

Forminator Forms
2 August, 2022 04:01:57
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Hi, I´m seeing this problem when trying to call out {submission_id} from the forminator form.

The variable is working in emails without problem but in the generated pdf its adding just "0".

What could be the problem?
2 August, 2022 04:28:40
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Can you check please if you are using the latest E2Pdf version: 1.16.52 (Stable) or 1.17.50 (RC). Does your Forminator version (1.17.2)?

If not, try to update the plugins, please. If it doesn't solve the problem - can you please attach screenshots of where and how E2Pdf shortcodes are used? as unfortunately, we can't currently replicate the issue in "Success Message" or inside the "Mail" body. You can mark the message private so only we can see the message.

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