Gravity Forms - Upload PDF Feature not for working

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7 May, 2019 13:55:54
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While creating a new PDF template using the upload PDF feature, I am trying to add Input fields to the PDF form from the Gravity Form. However when I right click on the field to Map Field, the visual mapper pops up, but no fields are displayed. I get the 'thinking' bars, but the fields never display. The form will 'preview' with the new field, but of course it is not mapped.

I have attached a screenshot of the screen as well as uploaded a copy of the pdf.

This particular Gravity form is the only one that has this issue, and it was imported from another wordpress site. I have uploaded the json for that imported form too. Thank you
8 May, 2019 00:05:15
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We just released an update (1.07.06) which must solve issue.

Let us know please if you will face any problems after update. Thank you.

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