hi .. great product

Formidable Forms
22 September, 2019 06:02:59
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Hi I'm using your e2pdf plugin.
First of all, great plugin.
All on point.

Q. how do i change the font size of the field i'm inserting from formidable forms?
The date field is paritcularly troublesome for the month of september as it's sooo long and gets cut off on the pdf.

I've tried changing the font size in the plugin settings. I've tried changing the font size in my formidable form... and that's all i have in my bag of tricks... may short of css.

any thoughts?
22 September, 2019 06:21:24
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nvrmd... figured it out.
That format is dictated by your WordPress Settings → General → Date Format.
22 September, 2019 10:07:38
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Hi, Thank you.

To change PDF field properties just "Right Mouse Click" on it -> "Properties", you must see there "Font Size Settings" (screenshots attached).

Another way you, can also use formatted Formidable Field shortcode for date inside Pdf Field as:

[x format="m/d/Y"] where x is Formidable Forms Field ID of your date field.

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