how many at the same time

22 February, 2019 07:35:04
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Hi! I do have a license. I have created a site that sends pdf's to people when they have won something. I use only 1 template.

We send out 13.000 pieces in the mail. Possibly we get about 500 visitors per day.

Is it possible that a lot of visitors (maybe 50) use the pdfcreator at the same time?

We do have a dedicated server.

Please let me know

Erik Plomp-Holland
22 February, 2019 08:04:00
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Currently all PDFs creates remotely via E2Pdf API on our server. We are trying to keep our servers under high performance but it's hard to say if it will be any performance issues with a lot of PDFs as it's depending on many factors (PDF complexity, size of data that must be filled, your and our server speed, etc).

Currently we do not have any limits but if you will need generation of really big number of PDFs with fast generation time and it will require a lot of resources maybe it will be need custom solution. We have some other similar requests so we are thinking about the way of implementing such service.

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