How to list Radio/Checkbox button options as Inline (Horizontal) vs. Vertical

21 April, 2019 16:54:22
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I have a Formidable form that has some Radio buttons and Checkboxes, whose options were set as horizontal/Inline.
When I select Auto PDF of that form, the generated Template (based on Auto PDF) arranges the radio/checkbox options as Vertical always.
Is there a way to set them as inline?
It is painful to align them horizontal/inline manually.

If it is not simple, is there any code change that can help resolve this issue.
Appreciate your help.
21 April, 2019 18:29:30
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Unfortunately it's not possible at this moment. All checkbox and radio fields generates as verical lists with Auto PDF option. We will check the possibility to extend it to respect vertical/horizontal setting of Formidable form.

We remain at your service.
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