How to Map fields to an uploaded pdf

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10 April, 2020 09:25:30
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I can't figure out how to map Formidable Form field to a pdf file which I uploaded to E2PDF.

Screenshot attached.

After I've dragged a "text" field onto the uploaded pdf file, and then right-click on the field, the Visual Mapper appears. However the fields which appear on the Visual Mapper cannot be dragged onto the uploaded pdf document.

If I right-click on the "text field" which I added to the pdf which I uploaded as a template, and go to Properties, it seems I may be able to put a code, somewhere (it's not quite clear where), from the corresponding Formidable Form. However, this would mean the user must go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth between Formidable Forms and the E2PDF template to add the field ID to every field. Is the plugin supposed to work this way?

Thank you.
10 April, 2020 09:44:42
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Yes, fields mapping currently work like this: "Right mouse click" -> "Map field" -> "Click" on each field. Your way with Drag&Drop looks easier and more comfortable to use so we added it as point to our roadmap for improvement to rebuild "Visual Mapper" in this way.

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