How to put a background (image) for the PDF ?

18 April, 2021 13:28:05
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I need to have a background image or something in the background to decorate the PDF.

-How can I do that?
-How can I adjust the opacity/transparency of that image?

Thank you
18 April, 2021 22:42:00
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You can just use "Image" object and resize it on the full page with needed "index" to control position.

- Drag&Drop Image object (screenshot 1)
- "Right Mouse Click" on element -> "Choose Image" (screenshot 2)
- Set needed z-index to get it before all elements (screenshot 3). Unfortunately negative "index" is supported only in 1.14.x version which is now under RC version. It's possible to update it to 1.14.x version by turning on "E2Pdf" -> "Settings" -> "Release Candidate Builds" (Update from After option turned on: check for plugin updates, and update plugin to 1.14.09 (screenshot 4). It's recommended to turn off this option after update.
- Unfortunately there is no possibility yet to lock it as background, however this functionality will be added so in some cases it could be need to "hide"/"show" background image as it can affect some usage if you need to interact with page. You will be able to toggle "hidden" elements by clicking "Toggle Show/Hide" button on the panel. (screenshot 5).

Adjusting opacity/transparency not supported so image must be prepared in editor directly, it must be used PNG image format.

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