Include field descriptions or placeholder in PDF

Gravity Forms
16 December, 2020 08:33:47
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Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to include descriptions in the PDF attachment. An example would be wanting to save our signed payment policy as a pdf.

Because the fields themselves are only initials, none of the content (what they're agreeing to) gets included in the PDF. See attachment.
16 December, 2020 10:30:07
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As we understand you used "Auto PDF" feature, unfortunately "Auto PDF" doesn't include field description while E2Pdf Template generation, however we added it to our "Roadmap" and hope will include its support in future. Meanwhile the only way is manually add "html" objects via Drag&Drop, fill with needed text and move other generated fields just with mouse lower. Field values can be edited by "Dbl" click or via "Right mouse click" -> "Properties" -> "Value".

Some video example:

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