Input Field Disappearing

20 December, 2018 07:18:38
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I have an input field placed on top of a rectangle that seems to disappear sometimes when editing my template. It was displaying fine, and then I setup an Action to hide the page based on if a field is empty or not (so, a change with nothing directly related to my input field), and then after generating a PDF the input field disappeared.

I had this happen to me a couple of weeks ago, and then while making changes it reappeared fine again, and then I hadn't touched the template since, so I haven't mentioned anything on it before now. What I did this time was simply moved the field one pixel to the right, and then the field appeared again after saving an generating a PDF.

I then took a video undoing that change, so you can see what happens:

In the video, I first show the PDF generated displaying the field just fine, and then I move this field one pixel to the left on each page where it occurs, and then I generate the PDF again, and you'll see the field still displays on the 2nd instance but it disappears on the first. In prior experiences, I've had it disappear in all instances at times.

I should have shown the Properties on the field, but the yellow rectangle is set to a Z-index of 0 and my text input field is set to a Z-index of 1. I also have 1 Action set on the input field to change the value if a field is empty or 0, but even in this instance it should still show some text (and in the PDF generated, it does not meet this condition anyhow).

I will leave the template alone as it sits now until I hear back from you, so if you still have my site credentials and would like to log in and look at it that's no problem, or I can resend them to you if needed also. Thanks!
20 December, 2018 12:15:53
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We just released an update (1.03.06) and updated it on your website. Issue must be solved, we could not replicate it after update.

Let us know please if you will catch anything again :) Thank you.

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20 December, 2018 12:35:56
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I just did a few tests and it seems to be working great now. Thanks!