Integrate user-scanned PDFs into a PDF generated by E2PDF

6 April, 2023 00:49:59
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The users of the site I'm working on want to add documents they have scanned themselves to a PDF generated by E2PDF.
If all users scanned in image format, this would not be a problem, I could add a large image field that would contain the scanned image.
But since many scanners offer the default PDF format and not all users are computer literate, is it possible to add these scanned PDFs to a template via a shortcode?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
6 April, 2023 01:02:03
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Unfortunately, E2PDF can't yet insert PDFs. We have this point on our TODO list, but no ETA on when it will be released.

We will try to speed up the integration and will notify you as soon as this feature is available.

We remain at your service.
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