Is it possible to create to add a payment to a form submit to buy the completed template

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13 April, 2021 10:03:37
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1. Gravity Forms has a payment module. I have several PDF templates that I would like to make available for sale after the customer completes the form to populate the PDF template. Similar to legal zoom or rocket lawyer services in which the customer completes a form after which a pdf is completed and the customer can download after making payment. Obviously - there are other use cases in which the customer may subscribe to a membership (10 templates per month) --- or something like this.

2. What about securing the PDF. For example, are we able to secure the PDF.

13 April, 2021 13:13:21
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1. It looks like more question to Gravity Forms as E2Pdf only generates PDFs depending on submitted data and shortcodes can work with Gravity View / Emails / Success Messages, however it's also possible to call shortcode via PHP as follows:

echo do_shortcode('[e2pdf-download id="1" dataset="2"]');

* where 2 is the Entry ID, it can be also dynamic.

Unfortunately E2Pdf was not tested with Payment Addon however it must work without issues. Regarding this documentation it's possible to set event, for example to send email after payment completed and this email can contain [e2pdf-attachment id="1"] shortcode which will generate and attach PDF: E2Pdf also must work correctly with Gravity Forms Conditional Logic.

Or you can try to use Gravity Views and use some conditions to check payment / subscription and depending on it generate download links for PDFs via [e2pdf-download id="1" dataset="{entry_id}"]

By default if PDF available for viewing it can be downloaded.

So there is couple of ways it can restricted.
- You can hide for example download button on [e2pdf-view] shortcode by using it as follows: [e2pdf-view id="1" hide="download"] but PDF will be still possible to download if user knows HTML.
- You can try to set watermark to PDF and "Hide" if payment will be completed by comparing some entry value. (screenshot 1)
- You can add condition to allow access download link by comparing some entry value. (screenshot 2).

2. Currently it's supported only setting global password (screenshot 3). If you mean secure PDF by restrict separately printing / editing - unfortunately not yet, however it's in our TODO list already.

We remain at your service.

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14 April, 2021 23:19:56
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A BIG THANK YOU Oleksandr for the detailed response. Let me maul over the response and revert back. The most important factor is the customer journey and the customer journey would be:

1. Navigate to the Site
2. Select Template (NDA, Subcontractor, Joint Venture, etc)
3. Complete Form (for example - Gravity Forms)
4. Submit Payment (Gravity Forms Payment Add-On)
5. On Successful payment (either add the completed PDF to their secured downloads area OR email the PDF to them)

It seems like you explained same above so let me experiment with it and I will come back and provide feedback.