Is there a way to add a Date field in E2PDF?

12 January, 2022 14:00:52
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Is there a way to add a Date field in E2PDF? We have a client who wants a drop-down type calendar style field for a date to be entered when signing a document. I can add the signature field fine but I do not see an option to add a date field. They are opening the PDFs in Adobe Acrobat and are used to seeing the formatted date fields there. Any suggestions?

13 January, 2022 01:23:12
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Unfortunately currently it's not possible. Adobe requires special format options set to the field which is currently not available with current version of E2Pdf. We added this point in our TODO list but unfortunately there is not yet ETA when this feature will be released.

P.S. We moved your thread to "Feature Requests" and as soon as it will be any changes we will let you know. Sorry for inconvenice.

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