Latest update breaks my site

Formidable Forms Bug Resolved
10 July, 2019 21:05:46
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Hi,I'd like to report a bug.

I have version 1.08.00 installed. If I update to 1.08.01 or 02, it breaks my site. Rolling back to 1.08.00 fixes it.

Pages on my site created using SiteOrigin (which is basically all of them) are a jumbled mess and Wordpress displays the "This site is experiencing technical difficulties" message.

It appears the "Add: Dynamic shortcode support for “WordPress” extension inside Widgets" update is the culprit?

10 July, 2019 22:36:50
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We just released an update (1.08.03) with possible issue fix. Can you please update to latest version and let us know if issue solved. If not, it will be very helpful if you will check error.log and provide us details for any errors that is connected to E2Pdf. Thank you.

P.S. If update will fail we have also uploaded old 1.08.00 so you can revert to previous version. It's available at the bottom of page:

We remain at your service.
If you appreciate our support , we would really appreciate your feedback at!
10 July, 2019 23:25:09
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You fixed it with your new release! Thanks - great work!