No Webp support, static image address, compression option seems not working

28 August, 2021 08:25:00
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I notice two things I think you might consider in the future.

1- The plugin does not support webp images. Currently, WP gives support to the webp format natively, so in future more and more users will start using this format.

2- When inserting a static image in the PDF (like a logo) the template inserts the static path of the image. When exporting from development to production, you need to update all of the paths. Consider using a relative path like:

3- The compression option looks like not working, it doesn't matter selecting compression 1 or 9, the quality of the picture in the PDF and the file size remain the same.

Have a great day.

28 August, 2021 08:40:24
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Thank you. We will review all suggested improvement points.

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