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15 April, 2019 04:33:54
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You have helped me in the past come up with a shortcode that I needed to hyperlink images uploaded to my Formidable Form using the shortcode:

[e2pdf-format-output explode=',' output='{0}' filter='trim'][174:1 size='full' show_image='0' add_link='0'][/e2pdf-format-output]

This has worked great for getting that done. Is there any way to modify this so that the link will open in a new window by default instead of in the same window? I commonly find myself right-clicking on the link and saying "Open Link in a New Tab" and think it would be easier if it just did that by default. Thanks!
15 April, 2019 05:15:48
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Unfortunately opening links in new tab not yet supported as its controlled by PDF and its viewer. We will check the possibility to add this feature and update this thread as soon as will get any details.

We remain at your service.
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15 April, 2019 05:24:14
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Ok sounds good. Not a big deal really as right-clicking and opening in a new tab is easy enough to do. I just figured I'd set it as the default to do that I would. Thanks for the quick response!