Option to define classes in download shortcode

28 August, 2018 14:22:25
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In Formidable PRO2PDF it was possible to add custom classes to a link generated by a shortcode:

[formidable-download form="z70nf" dataset=[id] layout="1000" title="Download PDF" class="custom-class"]

It is no longer possible to do so with E2Pdf. I would like that feature to be added back in, because it's helpful when I want to style a link to look like a button.

Thank you!
29 August, 2018 03:35:02
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We've just released an update (1.00.04) where was added this option.

Usage is the same: [e2pdf-download id="1" class="custom-class"]

We remain at your service.

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29 August, 2018 13:47:20
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Works perfectly! Thank you, again I really appreciate the quick update. :)