Outputting attachments to final form action (email)

22 April, 2019 06:11:56
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I have various PDFS being generated from one form. They are emailed to different email addresses conditionally. I have 1 field in the form that requires a user to input an image or PDF. This attaches automatically with all outputted emails, but I only want it to output to a selected output email.
I turned off the automatic attachment to output email, and I can attach the link to the file in the output email, but not the actual file itself. Is there a way to attach it to a single output email in Formidable?
22 April, 2019 06:18:47
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Unfortunately as I understand the type of question it's not connected with attaching of generated PDF by E2Pdf. You need to contact directly to Formidable Forms support team so they can assist you in this question and offer best solution.

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22 April, 2019 06:21:22
Topics: 9
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Of course. Thanks for letting me know.