PDF Not Displaying Unicode Characters

20 December, 2018 08:11:06
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The included Google Font, Noto Sans, does not fully support Unicode characters - just the Latin characters used in English.

When switching to a font which supports all Unicode characters, the time required to generate the PDF increased from around 5 seconds to 30, and the filesize increased by 3 MB.

Does E2PDF have a convenient way to support Unicode characters? It seems as if the old plugin, Formidable PRO 2 PDF, had a setting for this. https://www.formidablepro2pdf.com/support/subject/special-characters-not-displaying-correctly/

20 December, 2018 09:41:30
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Formidable PRO2PDF is using same way of support of UNICODE characters. The difference just that PRO2PDF using special "merged" font for it.

Unfortunately using custom font is just one possibility for E2Pdf at this moment. We plan to extend it to use built-in font of uploaded PDF file but I can't tell you any approximate time when this feature will be added.

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