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7 June, 2021 12:22:16
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Is it possible to link to a created document url or meta data field once a document is created? We would like to link a QR code to each created document but each document is specific to each Woocommerce order and we need to read it to that level.
8 June, 2021 03:13:01
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You must be able to use QR Code object and set any value to it (screenshot 1) inside "Value" via "Properties". As about "Document" URL, if you mean URL to download PDF, it was added internal shortcode in RC version 1.15.13.:


It will generate donwload link inside PDF when used. Currently it will work with any pdf generation except if you will export Order directly via "E2Pdf" -> "Export". It will be fixed in nearest updates.

P.S. You can update to RC version 1.15.13 now by turning on updates from "e2pdf.com". Option can be enabled at "E2Pdf" -> "Settings" -> "Release Candidate Builds" (screenshot 2). After enabling this option you must be able to check for updates at "Dashboard" -> "Updates" and update plugin as usual to version 1.15.13.

It's recommended to turn off this option after update

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