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30 July, 2020 06:03:17
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I have a form currently that is 17 pages long and am replacing it with a form that is 14 pages long. Here is a comparison of the two forms:

Pages 1-6 are identical
Pages 7-9 on the new form are replacing pages 7-12 on the old form
Pages 10-14 on the new form are identical to pages 13-17 on the old form

I get a "Position of Page 12 Incorrect" error when trying do what I think is needed to make this replacement (see the attached pics for reference). If you can let me know what I am doing wrong here I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
30 July, 2020 07:56:07
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For pages that you want completely remove (0 position), set please checkbox "on" under "Flush Elements". We will change its behavior or error message to be more clear in future. Sorry for inconvenience.

P.S. We recommend also to create backup of db/template before operation to avoid any unwanted behavior.

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30 July, 2020 12:10:06
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Yeah I made a duplicate version of my form and tested it on that first so if I had any screw ups, no big deal. That worked perfectly. Thanks!