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9 September, 2020 13:33:18
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Looking for help regarding applying the shortcode using a custom form plugin that incorporates with the Divi theme to allow attachments and other actions on the Divi contact forms builder sections.

The plugin is KK Custom Forms. There is a success message field still that allows you to enter the shortcode but the pdf forms never attach in the email response from our testing. A screenshot is attached. I have already spoken with the developer of KK Custom forms and so far there does not seem an apparent fix for this on their end. Please advise. Ty.
10 September, 2020 05:36:09
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[e2pdf-attachment] shortcode must be used inside "Email" Message Pattern and not inside "Success Message". Is [e2pdf-download id="6"] shortcode works correctly or are you able to export data via admin dashboard at "E2Pdf" -> "Export"?

P.S. Unfortunately E2Pdf was not tested with KK Custom Forms and its compatibility, we will try to check it in nearest time.

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