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5 August, 2019 07:26:20
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We were using the plugin on our test server. Then we migrated it to live site and changed the license (pro on live and free on test).

Imported the template on live site. However the form results or email doesn't show the download or attachment of e2pdf.

We created new test form and test template. But it simply shows blank space where the download link of the pdf should be shown after submit.

The shortcode used is: [e2pdf-download id="3"]

Test form page:

Please check the screenshots. Could you check and let us know what could be the issue here?
5 August, 2019 07:55:41
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Recheck please if your "E2Pdf Template" activated and connected to correct form after import. (screenshot attached).

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6 August, 2019 04:30:55
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Thank you. Its working now.