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29 May, 2021 22:36:18
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Instead of just sending the PDFs by email, is it possible to have them appearing (once they are generated) on a thank-you/download page too? so that they can also be downloaded from there. How?
Thank you
30 May, 2021 05:58:34
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If you are using Formidable Forms, you must be able to use Formidable Forms Views with shortcodes as [e2pdf-download id="1" dataset="[id]"] / [e2pdf-view id="1" dataset="[id]"]. Formidable Form View must be filtered by your needs (Entry Key/ Only User Submissions, etc).

For example:
- You can pass Entry Key Identifier to URL after Form Submission and redirect user to page ([key]) which will contain Formidable Form View shortcode filtered by "get" param (screenshot),

- Or show only entries which were submitted only by current logged-in user.

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