Small BUG

2 December, 2019 10:55:26
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I have this command on several locations from my formidable form with epdf
Is working fine but when field is empty Im getting the last ]
instead of all blank, how can I hide te character, or if its a bug can you fix it, so the form gets clean
3 December, 2019 00:03:52
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Not a bug. Such shortcodes not supported by WordPress by default, [773[other_3] - truncated on render as value was not replaced, and "]" is left as was not replaced fully.

Are you using custom shortcode? Which field type is used with Formidable Forms and which data is expected to be send to PDF with this shortcode? Maybe it's possible to replace shortcode to avoid incorrect rending.

Meanwhile you can create "Action" to check if "Value" was rendered in "]" and replace it to "blank" value. Screenshot attached.

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