Templates Limit Reached

Forminator Forms
8 July, 2020 06:18:56
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Getting this and cant activate the template. Only have one present.
8 July, 2020 06:19:54
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Forgot screen shot :-)
8 July, 2020 06:30:39
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It looks like previous activated template was not deactivated automatically by some reason upon removing or website reinstall. However if you do not have access to it, you still can deactivate it from your dashboard at E2Pdf.com via "Dashboard" -> "Sites": https://e2pdf.com/dashboard/sites.

If you still will be unsuccessful, let us know please the url of your website so we can deactivate it for you and drop the limit. Thank you.

We remain at your service.

If you appreciate our support , we would really appreciate your feedback at WordPress.org!
8 July, 2020 07:06:41
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Brilliant, thanks for that. I feel a little stupid I must admit.