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16 April, 2019 13:35:43
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Hello! I am looking to do the following two thing. I have formidable pro business edition to use with your plugin.

1) User fills out an online form with attachments. The attachments could be jpeg, tiff, pdf. I would like for the form to create a pdf form, and each attachment would be an additional page in the pdf. The use case example is a receipt reimbursement. The user fills out a form of where they traveled, and the accompanying receipts are on the following pages after the form itself inside the same pdf.

2) I would then like to be able to use php (or anything) to copy the e2pdf generated pdf to another folder on the server. Usecase, we have incoming watch folders that get automatically added to a users workflow in our ERP system. The internal webserver that would run your plugin has smb access to the ERP that has the watch folders.
16 April, 2019 15:07:05
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1 - We have in our road map to add the ability to merge uploaded PDF files into the final PDF, however, we have not determined a timeline to release the feature.

Currently, image files may be added using Formidable's File Upload field set to one field per file upload (NOT set to Multiple File upload). Then map the File Upload field to an existing PDF image field.

2 - You may currently use the [e2pdf-save] shortcode to save the PDF to any folder on your server.

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