Cannot Map Gravity Forms in Free Version

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10 February, 2022 19:45:16
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I have downloaded and installed the free version of E2Pdf. I am unable to map Gravity Forms fields in a test template. Is this a restriction of the free version?

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10 February, 2022 23:47:08
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No, there is no any such limitations in free version.

Do you get any error while trying to use "Visual Mapper" like "You must set Item to use Visual Mapper"? Or it's just loads "blank" window?

If you get message "You must set Item to use Visual Mapper":

- You need to set correct form with which E2Pdf Template must work. It can be done on creating E2Pdf Template step or via "Options". Screenshot attached.

- If you get "blank" window - issue can be connected with your setup or some plugins conflict.

If it's acceptable for you - you can submit support ticket with access details to your WP Admin Dashboard so we can login and make some tests:

If not:
- Let us know version of Gravity Forms
- Check your error.log for any errors connected with E2Pdf / Gravity Form
- You can share with us with form backup so we can try to restore and test it on our side. You can attach it to next message and mark message "Private" or upload somewhere and share the download link with us.

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