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8 December, 2020 22:43:00
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I'm using this short code [e2pdf-format-date format="m/d/Y"]now[/e2pdf-format-date] which return UTC date but I'm in UTC-6 time zone, so I found in your code "e2pdf/classes/model/e2pdf-shortcode.php" on line 1542 "function e2pdf_format_date" using default php date function so if you used date_i18n WordPress function then it will output correct date time as per time zone set by admin.

So could you please update this code and release it in your next version?

9 December, 2020 04:13:07
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We just released an update 1.13.19 which contains improvements for "[e2pdf-format-date]" shortcode. It was added possibility to use date_i18n or wp_date function to return date.

It was also added default values along with now: current_time, time

To use the date_i18n function and timezone that is set in WordPress you must be able to use:

[e2pdf-format-date function="date_i18n"]current_time[/e2pdf-format-date]

Let us know please if you will face any issues.

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